More experienced riders and mechanics have already written about their tiny toolkit choices, and I have no illusions about my expertise when it comes to fixing bikes. However, I do some basic maintenance and I manage to get myself into all sorts of rally trouble often, so carrying a toolkit is a must for me. Yet, if I had to assemble a toolkit on my own, I probably wouldn’t even know where to begin; besides, the assembled toolkit would mostly likely be bulky and heavy.

Enter RRR Solutions  owned by Gordon East, a toolmaker and an inmate here on ADV Rider. Gordon’s mission is as simple as it is near-impossible: to produce a small, lightweight toolkit that can replace over a hundred regular tools.

tiny toolkit ADV Rider

The Modular Moto Wrench Set. Image: RRR Solutions

I’ve been carrying this miniature toolkit for a few months now, and so far, it has gotten me out of trouble when I:

  • flooded the airbox and needed to access and empty the airbox
  • needed to tighten the spokes
  • needed to access the battery
  • had to replace a front sprocket seal
  • needed to remove my luggage rack, then put it back on again
RRR solutions toolkit during a rally

Ideal for roadside/rally fixes

The toolkit also proved useful for small fixes here and there, such as:

  • mounting new panniers
  • changing mirrors
  • doing an oil change

rrr solutions toolkit

Aside from being versatile and suitable for most roadside and rally fix situations, the tool set is also small enough to fit into a tank bag or a small toolbox making it perfect for long-distance travel. All tools are personally designed by Gordon and custom-machined in the US, as well as thoroughly tested for five years before putting the product on the market.

Here’s a full list of tools that the RRR Solutions toolkit replaces, as well as more information about the set.


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