Imagine that you are riding along a narrow street at a decent rate of speed.  Just as you approach the top of a hill, a toddler in a baby carriage rolls across the road right in front of you.  And the carriage is accelerating down a steep hill.  What do you do?

Well, in the case of one motorcyclist in 2020, he skided to a stop, jumped off his bike, threw off his backpack, and chased the runaway carriage on foot.  Just before the carriage hits the steepest part of the hill, the rider grabs the carriage and toddler.

Mere seconds later, the child’s apparent mother appears.  By the end of the scene, the rider hands the toddler to the terrified mother and helps carry the carriage back to where it began its terrifying roll.

According to the news outlet La Chiva, this is what happened in the Rincon de la Estrella neighborhood in Florencia, Columbia, on September 14th.   And thankfully, according to the website La Prensa, the toddler was not injured.

Since then, the video has gone viral, with millions Twitter views.  Facebook and Instagram are also receiving similar high view counts.  As you might guess, thousands of people are praising the actions of the unidentified motorcyclist.

I’d like to think that all of us would do the same thing.  But when you see a video such as this, it reinvigorates your soul.  And it reminds everyone that motorcyclists are good people.

For his heroism, we’d be remiss if we didn’t enter this unidentified motorcyclist into the Moto Book of Awesomeness.   Your actions show your virtue and integrity.  Congrats, and thank you from all of us.

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