Torrot, a virtually unknown motorcycle marque in North America, is coming to the US for 2021 with four motorcycles—two trials bikes, and two motocrossers. All four motorcycles are aimed at young riders, and are battery-powered.

Who’s Torrot?

Torrot is a Spanish manufacturer, one of the Ancient European Manufacturers (read that in a Lord of the Rings narrator voice) that never really made an impact in North America. Founded in 1948, Torrot followed the usual Euro pattern of starting off with bicycle manufacturing, then branching out to scooters, mopeds and motorcycles. It hasn’t been as active in motorcycle production in recent years, although it did gain ownership of Gas Gas the late 2010s, before selling that company to KTM.

You can find a decent explanation of the company’s history here.

What bikes are coming in?

Central Powersports Distribution is bringing the 2022 Torrot Motocross Two and Trial Two models (aimed at kids weighing up to 88 pounds), and the Motocross One and Trial One models (for kids weighing up to 66 pounds). All these bikes feature a lithium battery, removable for recharging. They’re supposed to get around 45 minutes of runtime off a charge, with recharging taking about four hours. The larger Two models have electric motors with 600W to 1500W electric motor output; the smaller One models have 350W to 1050W output.

Both motors have a 48V controller that’s Bluetooth-programmable, through a mobile phone app (iOS or Android). This allows parents to throttle down their kids’ speed, adjust power delivery aspects, or even shut off the bike.

The Motocross Two has a 14-inch front wheel, and 12-inch rear. The Trial Two has a 12-inch front and rear. The Motocross One and Trial One models have 10-inch wheels. Torrot provides proprietary tires for the Trial models, and Michelin StarCross tires for the Motocross models.

The Motocross Two has a $3,499 MSRP in the US, as does the Trial Two. The smaller Motocross One and Trial One have a $3,399 MSRP. For more information, and a look at other interesting stuff in Torrot’s inventory, check out its website.

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