Looking for more protection for the engine and gas tank on your KTM 790 Adventure? Touretech has finally come out with a wraparound design, which could make a big difference in a crash situation.

Like all adventure bikes, it’s a good idea to invest in a skid plate for your KTM 790 Adventure, because one boulder in the wrong place can ruin your day—and your engine. Poke a hole in your engine case, and you’re looking at an expensive bill (or at least a lot of frustration while you wait for the JB Weld SteelStik to dry … plus a walk out of the woods, most likely). A skid plate protects your engine.

The difference here is the 790 Adventure’s low-mounted fuel tank, which wraps around the engine. Normally, you’d have a pair of crash bars here, more than enough to protect your engine in a tipover, but the 790’s plastic fuel tank presents more of a concern. Although KTM asserts the fuel tank can handle quite a beating, some owners are less sure, and want to protect it. Plus, there’s the farkle factor—some riders just want to bolt stuff onto their bike, whether they need it or not.

The Touratech RallyeForm skid plate is a two-part assembly, with a lower guard that protects the bottom of the engine and upper guard that’s form-fitted to the fuel tank. It’s made of 4mm-thick aluminum on the bottom plate, and 3mm-thick aluminum on the upper plate, and it’s compatible with Touratech crash bars. Either part of the assembly is available in silver or black. It matches the tank’s contours nicely, and should provide some welcome peace of mind to 790 riders who’ve been worried about tipover damage. MSRP is $429.95; find more details at the Touratech website.

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