Content Warning: overlanding on 4 wheels …

If you’re riding adventure motorcycles, we’ll just assume any kind of transportation with at least the spirit of adventure is likely in your Venn diagram to some degree. Witness, then, this custom camping wonder from Toyota, guiltlessly dubbed Tacozilla.

With a retro ’70/80s paint scheme, Tacozilla is an homage to the cool Toyota/Chinook partnership from back in the day, but it’s thoroughly modern inside and out. Toyota built the Taco for the just completed  SEMA 2021 auto show, and it’s a one-off, so don’t expect it to pop up in showrooms anytime soon, although judging by the hype it’s getting online, ‘Yota may be missing a big opportunity to capitalize on the overlanding craze with this magnificent, stylish beast. Check out the build video series here.


Toyota went all in on the Tacozilla build, stripping off the entire bed and the back of the cab of a Tacoma TRD Sport for maximum interior room and easy access from the cab. It’s even tall enough for six-footers to stand up straight while inside. It’s also considerably wider than your typical in-bed camper since there’s no constricting pickup bed. Creature comforts include a spacious bed in the overcab section, full kitchen, dinette, hot water heater, a TV and even a wee loo so you don’t have to go outside in the cold and be on Big Cat watch when nature calls at 2:30 a.m.

Sure, you could always make like a bear in the woods, but why? Toyota

A TRD lift kit to clear some serious 33-inch rubber, a winch, mandatory snorkel, side-exit TRD exhaust kit, dual batteries, mini fridge and more round out the goodies, and check out that wood floor and cabinet work. Back in the day, you’d say it’s “sweet,” but kids today would say it has some “serious drip.” We don’t want to know the price tag, except we really do so this build can be replicated when our winning lottery ticket comes calling.


Changes we’d make? More windows and I’d like to see at least a three-rail bike trailer for the really fun toys, while ADV’s Kate Murphy is arguing for a more tidy rear rail for a single bike mount. Might be tough with that crazy rear door design, but I see her point. Debate.

Are you an overlanding fan? What kind of rig are you driving – or wish you were driving?



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