Trail Tech is a company that has been around for a long time, started as a small one-man operation, now part of the Polaris umbrella of companies.

They make digital units, from smaller fan kits, to a voltmeter, temp gauges, hour and tachometers

Also bigger units for complete dash replacement or to give you a dash when your motorcycle didn’t come with one from the factory, or you are looking for more information than you simple stock dash can give you

Voyager is a GPS unit that integrates a speedo, odometer, tach, volt, and temp gauges, a step down from that is the Vapor for the speedo, clock, odometer, and ambient temp, and down again to the Striker if you just need the basics of a speedo, clock odometer, voltmeter, and ambient temps

The top of the line unit is the Voyager Pro, a full GPS unit with touch screen, with buddy tracking so you never lose your riding buddies, when you are sick of eating their dust. Inside it has an amazing array of features

  • GPS, with free highly detailed topo maps, that support: tracks, routes, waypoints
  • BlueTooth -phone dialing, call history, and messaging features.
  • Compatible with Sena headsets.
  • speedo
  • temperature, ambient and engine
  • distance
  • elevation
  • voltage
  • lap timer

Software is constantly being updated as new features are added, and a lot of new extras are planned for 2020

IF you like to ride gnarly tracks and are worried about the safety of your unit, there is a newly released aluminum surround and integrated idiot light you can also add to make reading info from your bike that much easier



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