Not all inmates are long distance riders, we know that. Cain aka trailjammer owner of Trailjammer Designs  has one simple goal, to make your bike heavier, around 4 ounces heavier…for your protection.


Tell us a little about the company Trailjammer Designs, start with the name?

Trailjammer is all one word. Some people call it Trail Jammer. The logo is a T,J, and D, all in one. People think it looks like a D.

Where did the original sales start?

 ADVrider is where I got my start and really got me going. I thank the forum for that.

The first one I built was over 8 years ago. It’s still around on my old ’08 KTM 530 EXC-R and when I sold that bike, it had over 12k hard dirt miles on it. I ride a lot in the remote deserts of Baja. I had seen some people get stranded with broken clutch covers and I didn’t want to end up like that some day. I started searching and there were no other companies that I knew of at the time.

So I made a Clutch Cover Guard for my 530 in my garage. That took hours! Then, more and more friends and friends of friends started asking for them.

I also started making Exhaust Guards since I didn’t like the Moose Racing ones that were available back then. I also started making Stator Cover Guards since many riders were begging for that protection.

Those have proven to be the most difficult to build. Now, fast forward 8 years, these are still made by hand in San Jose, CA. I now make over 30+ products. The Clutch and Stator Cover Guards really took off.

This is my side job and I enjoy doing it. Oh, and I also make a KTM 950/990 Exhaust guard which really helps with 2-1 exhaust heat and to keep the heat of both riders if riding 2 up. I would love to expand into more products as time permits.

I’ve met customers from all over the world. Many have invited me to come to ride with them. I have guards ranging from ’98-’19 covering KTM, Honda, Yamaha, Husaberg, and Husqvarna. No Suzuki yet.

If you don’t see it listed, just ask. I’m always working on new ones. I’m currently working on fit for the ’19’s. I’m hoping to design more Stator cover guards and invest more money in new molds since those are the hardest to build. I’m also hoping to get a newly updated website out in ’19.

The newest guard I’m working on is the Honda 450L Clutch Cover Guard. I also want to put a Honda Africa Twin Clutch Cover Guard into production. I made one prototype so far.

As demand increases, I bump up the order of a certain guard. I also build a special Extreme Enduro Model which I designed with feedback from all my sponsored riders.

This guard is just a little bit thicker aluminum alloy. I use a very specific type that will deflect and sometimes dent versus shearing thru on impact. One guard that finished the Redbull Romaniacs looked like it was beat all over with a hammer, but it didn’t fail!

The rider was stoked to be able to finish and not be leaking oil or stranded with metal in his motor.

The most popular make/model is the husky FE701’s and the KTM 690’s with the KTM 500’s being a close second.

What makes yours better than say the Acerbis type plastic ones?

Well, honestly, I get a lot of customers that have crashed and put holes in those and have torn them off. They are better than no protection and I always say any protection is better than no protection.

If you want a U.S. hand made guard that’s stronger than the plastic and the carbon fiber, then you will want the Trailjammer Designs guards.

They attach using RTV adhesive, so you don’t need to worry about getting dirt and mud underneath the plastic and rubbing on the cases. They can be removed with a little work, to show the shiny new cases, if you were to sell the bike or want to freshen it up.

Here’s a good install video a customer sent me that I like to send to my customers for reference:

Are you riding anywhere right now or planning to go next?

My next short Adventure ride will be all over Death Valley for 4 days. I try to make it out there a couple of times a year. I love the scenery Death Valley offers. Definitely, a must ride place for people that have never been there.

What is your current bike?

My current bike is a 2015 KTM 500 EXC that is set up for dual duty. I’m either racing it in hare scrambles and enduros or doing long dualsport trips on it. I use to have 4 bikes for all different riding. I downsized to see if I could make one bike do it.

Do you have a dream bike that isn’t your current bike – if you had an unlimited budget?

My dream bike would probably be similar to the Dakar Replica race bikes. I’m hoping to get something a little bigger that’s more like the KTM 790 that’s coming out or the T7 to also have a bigger bike for some longer trips.

Where is your favorite place to ride and why?

I absolutely LOVE Baja. I try to do a week down there each year. I’d love to tour Europe on some offroad tours in the future too.

Is there one particular road or track that stands out above all the rest?

I have a favorite Baja Track that’s 1,100 miles of dirt with 7 days of riding. If it’s a paved road than Skaggs road in Northern California is a lot of fun.

A dream location to ride to that you have yet to visit?
I still haven’t been to Moab, but I follow these tours in Bosnia that look amazing too.


Is your family Adventurous?

Riding runs in my family. Here’s a pic before I was born of my parents riding.

When I’m not riding, I can be found four-wheeling too.


Scariest moment on your travels?

Probably when we had one friend crash hard and broke his collar bone and another friend crash hard on the same trip and broke his ribs.


Most memorable day?

Doing over 100 miles of super technical single track and barely being able to get off the bike at the end of the day.


Do you think more people should travel and why?

For sure! Traveling is the best! There’s so much to see and do. So many people are always working and before they know it, they are older and can’t travel or do what they want. My motto is always ‘Work Hard. Play Harder’. Work will always be waiting for you.


Top 3 tips for a new rider?

  1. Start off slow.
  2. Don’t go on a trip that’s over your ability.
  3. Ride with more experienced riders to show you the ropes, especially when it comes to Adventure riding. I love helping new people and to share what I have learned over the years from packing to bike prep.


When you aren’t riding what do you do for a job?

My day job is a Software Engineer, but as soon as I’m home, I’m working on bikes and 4 wheel drive vehicles in my garage. Anything but being behind a computer. I love working with my hands and being outdoors.

What does the word ‘adventure’ mean to you?
Being outdoors on a trip, enjoying the riding, scenery and traveling with good friends. I like to be well prepared and having a solid reliable bike. Some people think of an adventure as when they go unprepared and things break down, that’s not me. lol

What is your one favorite photo ever from all your travels?
IN the snow, one year on the LA-B-2-V.


If I wanted to see more about Trailjammer Designs where would that be?





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