With so many of us stuck back home and the end of the pandemic nowhere near in sight, having an armchair adventure and living vicariously through others is the next best thing. And while there is no shortage of excellent ride reports right here on the forum, some adventure travel bloggers and social media content creators are worth following, too, especially as some riders are still on the road, albeit with limited possibilities of completing their RTW journeys – for now.

Here are my favorite riders to follow right now:

Mahsa Homayounfar

Iranian-born and Spanish-based motorcycle nomad, Mahsa has been riding around the world for years now having covered most of the planet on different bikes throughout the years. Mahsa is fearless in her destination choices, having recently ridden Saudi Arabia and much of the African continent; when Corona hit, Mahsa was traveling Uganda and reporting from her journeys on her Instagram and Facebook pages. Irreverent and unapologetic, Mahsa is a fresh voice in the ADV community, and her spirit shines through in each of her posts – along with some stunning photography.

Nate Allen

American adventurer Nate Allen was stuck in Turkey when the pandemic broke out, but now, he’s slowly making his way towards Central Asia posting some incredible photos and stories from his mostly off-road rides in Turkey and beyond. Check out his Instagram page for inspiration!

Piki Piki Overland

Michnus and Elsebie Olivier, aka Piki Piki Overland, have been on the road for years now and are currently stuck in Bolivia. They already have a popular Ride Report right here on the forum, but their Instagram account is worth checking out because of their stunning photography and storytelling skills.

Tim Burke

Photographer and adventure traveler Tim Burke needs no introduction, but if you’re not already following him on Instagram, his account is worth checking out for some breathtaking photos and stories from around the world. Currently hunkered down at home in the US, Tim is still on the road last seen wandering about Idaho and Montana.

What’s your favorite way to armchair adventure, and who do you follow online?



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