Do you ever get mad when you’re hungry? I used to, and it wasn’t pretty. To avoid being hangry, a simple solution is to stop and eat a meal. But on a long overland journey, that’s not always possible. There might be no time, or simply, no food available. Travel snacks seem like an obvious way to go, but it’s not just when you eat, it’s what. Sticking to healthy travel snacks will keep you full, boost your energy, and help you stay alert whereas junk food can make you sluggish and sleepy. So here’s a quick guide to snacking on the go.

Ditch the Sugar

Chocolate, candy bars, pastries, and ice cream taste great and give you some energy, but foods high in sugar are bad news for your digestive system and your energy throughout the day. Your energy might spike after eating something sweet, but what goes up must come down, and sugar crashes are no fun. Another sugary, energy-boosting thing to avoid is RedBull. Drink it if you absolutely need to, but don’t make it a daily habit or a long-term strategy because it simply won’t work and leave you burned out and exhausted.

Pack Snacks Before You Go

When I’m in bigger towns or cities, I always stock up on healthy snacks like high quality, low sugar protein bars, nuts, dried apples with no added sugar, avocados, and high-quality beef jerky or biltong. I also hoard tuna salad packets, ground coffee, and coconut oil. That way, I don’t have to resort to eating gas station hot dogs or candy bars on the go.

Make Fewer Decisions

This applies to just about every aspect of overland travel, but the fewer decisions you have to make, the simpler and easier life becomes. I’m trying to stick to Paleo-based diet (in short, eat stuff people ate 10,000 years ago and avoid processed and high sugar foods), so my food choices are very simple: it’s meat and veggies plus a little fruit. That’s it. If it’s not meat, veggies, or fruit, I can’t eat it, and that makes shopping for food, including travel snacks, real simple. I don’t need to spend time studying labels or trying to decide between different brands of cheese, so I can get my shopping done quickly and be on my way. I’m not saying you should follow a similar diet, but do try to make fewer decisions and see just how much time and energy you’ll spend.

Featured image: Pixabay

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