What’s the best way to set out on a motorcycle adventure: to travel solo or have company?

There isn’t a one-fits-all formula when it comes to long distance motorcycle journeys. But here’s what you can do to make a decision:

Travel Solo If…

You prefer to explore the world on your terms, enjoy solitude and love meeting new people. Traveling alone means you’ll account to no one and will be able to stay in places longer or take off unexpectedly as you wish, without having to compromise with anyone or stick to anybody’s schedule.

If you love quiet helmet time and being on your own, do travel solo. Experiencing the world alone is a more intense experience as you have no safety bubble of a familiar face and a familiar language to fall back on. You’re out there on your own, and you have to face the world head-on. It can be a life – changing experience!

Travel With A Partner If…

You’re in love, you don’t feel you can be separated for a prolonged period of time, and if your partner feels the same way about traveling. Adventuring as a couple can be incredibly rewarding as you get to share s many amazing moments together, as well as support each other when things go south. Just make sure you have the same goals and attitude!

Travel in A Group If…

You enjoy riding with your buddies! A band of faithful friends will make your journey unforgettable – but make sure everyone is ready to do their part, chip in, share the responsibilities, and compromise. There’s nothing worse on the road than the added stress of arguing whose turn it is to cook a meal or talk to the border officials, so make sure you agree on a strategy before you leave!



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