Not as an alarmist post, but could 2020 become one of the hardest years for world travel in recent history, because we as motorcyclists cross at land borders?

Should you or will you cancel that big trip in 2020 you have been planning?

As of this morning, the Center For Disease Control (CDC) is showing 68 countries that have confirmed cases of the virus.

Certain borders and areas are closing, and adventure riders are out there looking for a way through, in some cases to a safe haven.

I literally just heard from friends who are riding down West Africa and were looking to go to Angola, they were told that if they have a Nigerian stamp in their passport they will be quarantined for 14 days. Nigeria is their next country to cross heading south.

Do they continue, riding, or maybe hop on a boat and try to get to Namibia or turn around and head back to Europe?

Another rider contacted me and was not allowed to leave a certain area of Italy. In Iran, all land borders are currently closed.

Kazakhstan has three different types of restrictions depending on where you have traveled in the recent past, and most likely others will follow suit with similar quarantine restrictions.

The ferry that a lot of riders use that travels between Vladivostock Russia, South Korea, and Japan was canceled at the end of November last year and due to restart February 29th…it didn’t. I asked a friend in South Korea to inquire to the ferry company when they expect to restart, the response

“no plan when it will start again”

This makes riding to Siberia a literal dead end unless you can arrange a freight shipment from Magadan or Vladivostok

Closer to home (US) I personally just crossed from Mexico to the US (Nogales crossing) on Sunday morning, March 1, and at the border expected to be asked exactly where I had been in Mexico, but wasn’t, so no current restrictions there.

I am sure there are many more restrictions worldwide, if you hear of anything that is FACT please add it in the comment section just in case a rider is looking to ADVrider for information that they may struggle to find easily in other media

If you were riding internationally would you…

  • Look to get to a country with good medical coverage?
  • Look to get a larger country so if borders close you have options still to travel?
  • Stay in your tent until its safe to come out?
  • Sell, store or ship your bike and fly yourself to your home country?
  • Ignore it all and still go, because you think the whole thing is alarmist?




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