Having spent almost two months under lockdown back home in Lithuania, I’m climbing walls at this point. I haven’t been home for this long in four years, and while it’s wonderful to be able to speak my own language and see my loved ones now that most quarantine restrictions are lifted, I feel like I’m about to suffocate if I don’t get back on the road soon. But what will traveling post-Corona look like?

Here in Europe, there’s already talk of opening the Schengen borders again. On the one hand, that’s great news. On the other hand, some countries still feel strict lockdown and quarantine conditions is the best way to go. So while, for example, Lithuania will let me leave after the 11th of May, and Germany will allow me in, Poland in the meantime will require me to self-quarantine for two weeks if I enter. This means that I can leave Lithuania and cross into Poland, rent a place for two weeks and stay put, then ride around Poland and enter and ride Germany freely. But what about the next country up, and the next?

And this is just Europe. Some world travelers I’ve spoken to recently were planning to continue their travels in Africa, South America, Asia… all of this is now put on hold until further notice. It seems that Europe and North America might be the best places for ADV travel until spring 2021.

But perhaps this is no bad thing. While quarantine itself is zero fun, spending two weeks in just one city, just one country, might not be that bad of a thing after all. Maybe we could all stop and pause more often, and traveling post-Corona will mean we do just that.

Where are you riding once the COVID-19 crisis is over? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image: @dariusdaraska

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