Another month, another raft of special-edition Triumphs. This time around, we’re getting the Rocket 3 GT 221 Special Edition, the Rocket 3 R 22 Special Edition, the Thruxton RS Ton-Up and the Street Twin EC1.

Rocket 3 GT 221/Rocket 3 R 221

This special-edition series is a fancy paint job for Triumph’s hairy-chested triple, the stonkiest production machine currently readily available on showroom floors. It’s available for both the muscle-bike oriented R and the more lux GT model. As per the press release:

Designed to celebrate the Rocket 3’s category-defining performance, including its world-leading 221 Newton meters (163 LB-FT) of peak torque, the stunning new 221 Special Edition with its unique paint scheme is available for one year only, on the R and GT models.

Ah yes, if we had that much muscle on tap, we’d probably want other  people to know about it to. But instead of wearing one of those cleverly-cut-up tank tops that you see at the gym, Triumph instead gives us a set of knee pads on the tank, some trick paint and graphics and special-edition trim, with no performance-oriented add-ons. With that much torque, honestly, you’d look a bit cheeky asking for more, wouldn’t you?

US MSRP is $24,600 for the Rocket 3 GT 221, and $23,900 for the Rocket 3 R 221. Canadian MSRP is $28,700 for the Rocket 3 GT 221, and $27,900 for the Rocket 3 R 221. The special edition machines should be available in January of 2022. See @Ride2ADV’s review of the Rocket 3 series here.

Thruxton RS Ton-Up

The Thruxton RS is already a high-performance entry in Triumph’s Modern Classics line. With better suspension and more horsepower, this is the machine that puts the “racer” in “cafe racer.”

Speaking of which: the Ton-Up version is supposed to celebrate cafe culture and Triumph’s Isle of Man TT successes in the mid-20th century. It’s another paint job special, with such touches as “Classically-inspired Aegean Blue fuel tank with Jet Black knee pad graphics, edged with hand-painted silver coach lining” and “Premium custom detailing including Matt Aluminum Silver fork protectors and blacked-out wheels, engine covers and RSU springs.” It’s another one-year-only offering, with $17,300 MSRP in the US, and $18,550 MSRP in Canada, available in January of 2022.

Street Twin EC1

This is supposed to be more of a tribute to contemporary custom culture from London’s East End (EC1 refers to the postal code for the area). Triumph sprays the bike with Matt Aluminum Silver and Matt Silver Ice paint, and there’s an accessory flyscreen you can buy to match. Otherwise, it’s a Street Twin underneath that glammed-up skin. The rest of the Street Twin accessories should fit, then, so if you’re one of these notorious East End customizers, the EC1 could be just a base for going crazy with the bolt-on bits. Pricing is $10,350 in the States,  $11,550 in Canada. It should be in North American dealers in January 2022.

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