You’re looking at the new Triumph Bonneville Bobber at the AIMExpo in Las Vegas.

Why is it on display? Triumph claim that the Bobber is the fastest-selling new motorcycle in the USA.

Not only that, Triumph say they have now displaced BMW as the top-selling Euro-brand in the US. The Bonneville (in all of its manifestations) leads the way with 65% of their sales, adventure bikes coming in next.

In other words, Triumph is feeling pretty good about themselves on these shores. The reason they’re at AIMExpo isn’t really to sell bikes, though. What they want is people with the right mindset and experience to open new dealerships for them.

The two largest markets without a Triumph dealership are Orlando and Pittsburgh, with cities like Albany also on their list of 20 new “keypoints.” A keypoint is a location Triumph feel is ripe for a dealership — like a new location in Los Angeles, even though they already have dealers there.

Adventure bikes are Triumph’s #2 seller in the USA

What’s a dealer with The Right Stuff? They want customer experience, passion for the brand and the ability to sell merchandise. Merch is something they’re focused on as an opportunity to grow their revenues — they cast envious eyes at Harley’s ability to use its brand to sell gear and apparel.

Triumph apparel — if you can sell it, maybe you can run a franchise.

Oh, and if you’re into big trucks, Triumph brought one inside. This thing can haul an Abrams tank, and they had to modify it to go 60 mph on a freeway. They’ve toured the country with this beast as a marketing campaign. Trucks and bikes — I don’t get it, but the truck is a pretty awesome machine.

Triumph’s really, really big truck

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