Triumph is teasing us again with a few more photos of this gorgeous bikini (fairing) clad 1200cc motorcycle. The company’s new Race Replica is looking very dashing.

We don’t know a whole lot about the new bike, yet. But maybe the styling is a little nod that Triumph heard loud and clear how beautiful we all thought the Thruxton TFC was. Or perhaps they’re trying to hop onto the same  beach as MV Agusta’s Superveloce red Italian sexiness.

Riders don’t often accuse the British marque of being overly sexy. The original bug-eyed Speed and Street Triples certainly were not to everyone’s taste. The most recent dual-headlight redesign rendered these Triples a little bit easier on the eyes, but those bug-eyes certainly have their fan club.

The RR version of the Speed Triple will be fully revealed on the 14th of September and until then all we get are snippets from their YouTube channel, and hints on their website. This video, though, is enough to let us all know that the bike is definitely going to be a looker.

Triumph has tucked a single LED headlight into a swoopy, lightly-angled front bikini fairing. A flash of carbon fiber front fender and a pointed tail all angle ever so slightly toward the road. In all the bike looks fast sitting still.

Most likely, the RR will share an engine with the new Speed Triple RS. The 1160cc triple sounds quite nice in the short teaser clip.

What other go-fast goodies will the RR have above the RS? Is it just a new RS in a prettier dress? Or will the suspension, brakes, or maybe the electronics get an upgrade on the RR? Stay tuned!

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