Triumph Motorcycles has announced the launch of the all-new 2020 Triumph Bobber TFC (Triumph Factory Custom).  The machine becomes the company’s third Triumph Factory Custom model.

Ultra-premium Bobber TFC

Triumph says the new Bobber TFC delivers ultra-premium custom finish and detailing.  Add to this, a higher performance 1,200cc high torque engine, a lighter-weight, and higher specification chassis, and you have the highest level of TFC equipment and technology.

Triumph will produce only 750 of these machines worldwide.  Each comes with a numbered edition plaque and unique badging.

Triumph Bobber TFC

Triumph’s Bobber TFC cuts a pretty sexy swath among the bobber crowd.

Bobber Performance enhancements

With its revised engine, the Bobber TFC provides higher power and torque across its now 500 RPM higher rev range.  Specifically, Triumph says there is 10 HP more peak power and 3 lb-ft more torque than the Bobber and Bobber Black.  That’s a 13% increase in HP to 86, and a total of 81 lb-ft of torque.

Ohlins components handle the bike’s suspension duties.  The front features an adjustable upside-down front fork and an adjustable rear suspension unit.  Dual Brembo M50 monobloc calipers connected to a Brembo MCS radial master cylinder help bring things to a halt.

Arrow brushed silencers with carbon-fiber end caps make up the high-end exhaust.  Triumph says that the new exhausts deliver “a totally unique rich and raw British twin soundtrack”.

Triumph Bobber TFC

The Bobber TFC’s twin Arrow exhausts provide a clean drag pipe look.

Better capabilities and enhancements

The new Bobber TFC adds three riding modes (Rain, Road, and Sport) which adjust the throttle map, ABS and traction control settings to better suit riding conditions and rider preference.  Triumph’s latest generation ride-by-wire system provides enhanced rideability, safety, and control.

Triumph Bobber TFC

The Bobber TFC’s dash is clean, spartan and modern by bobber standards. Only 750 of these machines will be made.

LED lighting has been added all around including an LED headlight, front and rear indicators, and number plate light.

Triumph Bobber TFC

A blacked out engine complements the Bobber TFC’s looks.

A torque-assist clutch reduces lever effort for the rider.  It makes the bike more comfortable in stop and go driving and longer journeys.

Rounding out the new capabilities is an engine immobilizer with a transponder that is incorporated into the key.  This setup should help keep your bike where you left it.

Weight savings

The Bobber TFC is 11 pounds lighter than the Bobber Black.  Triumph is able to achieve these weight savings with engine component refinements, carbon fiber bodywork, and Triumph’s revised taillight setup.

Premium finish and detail features

Triumph claims that the Bobber TFC showcases the purest bobber silhouette.  According to Triumph, the machine’s form is amplified by its clip-on handlebars lightweight carbon fiber bodywork with carbon fiber side panels, and a minimal front mudguard with carbon fiber mudguard support.

Triumph Bobber TFC

The Bobber TFC sports a minimal front mudguard with carbon fiber supports.

To complete the bobber look, the Bobber TFC features ha host of blacked-out features including black anodized multi-spoked wheels, a black Öhlins RSU spring and forks, black engine cover and a black frame and swingarm.

The bike has yet to receive final homologation which is expected to be received in January 2020.  At that time, seat height, rake, trail and dry weight will be disclosed.

Pricing and availability will be announced later.


All photo credit: Triumph Motorcycles

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