Triumph Motorcycles is launching a new UK-based campaign aiming to help small businesses impacted by COVID-19.  It’s calling the program “Ride Out To Help Out.”

Triumph knows that the COVID lockdown has been tough for many in the motorcycling community.  Independent businesses like cafes, small motorcycle dealers, and many others are suffering financially.  In the worst cases, they have been forced to close.  So as the lockdown eases in the UK, Triumph urges riders to “Ride Out To Help Out.”

Patronize or nominate

The idea is for riders to do one of two things.  First, riders can check out the Ride Out To Help Out map and patronize one of the small businesses identified.  The second thing that riders can do to help out is to nominate their own favorite ride out spot or somewhere they believe should be on Triumph’s map.

Ride Out To Get Out

You can find small businesses to support on Triumph’s map or nominate one.

Triumph says that lots of businesses need our help to stay in business and be enjoyed by motorcyclists for years to come.  From Triumph UK:

“Those locations can be cafes or restaurants; ice cream parlours or fish and chip shops; museums, or stately homes. They all make for a great excuse for a ride out and after the year they’ve endured, we hope we can encourage more bikers from further afield to visit these hidden gems. That way we can all help them back on their feet, so they are here to enjoy for years to come.”

Ultimately, Triumph hopes to encourage riders to visit these places and help them get back on their feet.  While supporting small businesses is not a novel idea, kudos to Triumph for taking the initiative to help small businesses endure COVID-19 and hopefully flourish in the future.

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