The new Triumph Tiger 1200 is coming—really, it is, the company promises. But, for now, the company is intent on dragging us all along through a teaser campaign, including some new photos just released, showing the bike at a standstill—see them below.

We’ve already seen video of the machine, but these are great pix of the bike in what appears to be final production form, with only some dazzle camo paint to disrupt the lines.

Triumph’s Facebook announcement said “Incorporating all of the new Tiger design language from the Tiger 900 family, which launched to international acclaim in 2019, the new Tiger 1200 test prototype demonstrates the new generation’s distinctive and purposeful look.

Taking a step back and squinting, you might argue there’s some Africa Twin-style lines here, mashed up with some traditional Tiger DNA. But, other than that, you can’t tell much from the photos.

What we already know

We do have some other previously-released deets on the big new Tiger. A few weeks back, Ricky Carmichael (Triumph’s new offroad test rider, mostly preoccupied with Hinckley’s new dirt bike project, we’d suspect) gave us his impression of the bike. Before that, we had video of the bike in testing, showing Triumph intends to market this as a more offroad-oriented machine than previous bikes in this line. We also learned the bike will have a T-plane triple engine:

Triumph used this engine layout before, on the Tiger 900. The T-plane configuration sees the first and third crankpins set 180 degrees apart, and the middle crankpin set 90 degrees apart from them. Combined with a 1-3-2 firing order, this results in the “T-plane” configuration, and improved tractability at low rpm, better off-road performance and more refinement on the street. Also, it’s supposed to deliver more “character,” whatever that means.

We should see the new machine completely revealed by the end of the month, probably in the days leading up to the EICMA show (November 23-28).

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