Triumph just dropped its new Riding Essentials lineup, intended to keep riders warm, dry and visible as the seasons change.

It’ll take more than a bit of weatherproof gear to get motorcyclists through a cold winter in the northern US or Canada. But for areas where the riding season runs 12 months a year, even unheated gear can make the difference between comfort and discomfort.

Triumph’s line starts with a new rainsuit, rain jacket and rain pants, as well as rain covers for your riding gloves and your motorcycle boots. There doesn’t appear to be any ground-breaking technology at play here, but Triumph says the gear is all easily packable into its own bag, so you should always have it when you need it.

Triumph also included several liner options to keep the cold at bay. There’s a long-sleeve top and a set of bottoms, Again, there’s no word of any next-generation fabric design here; the website says this stuff is “Ergonomically engineered to offer maximum comfort whilst helping to maintain your core temperature. The superior construction allows perspiration to evaporate away from the body. Evaporation uses lots of energy and lowers the body temperature, this is why it is essential not to get too sweaty but keep warm whilst riding in the cold.

There’s a mid-layer shirt as well, combining warmth and an extra layer of waterproofing. Anyone who’s had cold rain slowly seep into their jacket over a long day’s ride will appreciate the added rain protection here. Once more, Triumph says this is packable into its own pocket, so you should always have it when you need it. Triumph also has a set of thermal glove liners and a balaclava for more cold-weather comfort; neither is waterproof.

On top of it all, Triumph has two sets of reflective gear. There’s a hi-vis jacket, vest and “brace,” all in a gaudy yellow for daytime visibility. Triumph also has a reflective vest or jacket made from different fabric for max nighttime visibility.

There’s nothing here that isn’t on the market already in some form. However, Triumph says “This new product line up is designed with the riders needs in mind and is developed with at the same level of dedication and excellence as you would expect to see from Triumph motorcycles.” So, hopefully it’s top-quality then, and won’t fall apart quickly like a set of cheap waterproofs. Note, though, that none of this gear is intended to provide any crash resistance. Hrm. Might we be about to see a new set of modular, protective riding gear from Triumph?

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