Sid / @wxwax recently wrote a story on the rumored new Rocket III power cruiser.  Well, spy shots of the new machine have emerged thanks to  If the spy shots are anything to go by, the new Rocket is no mild makeover. There are substantial changes to the bike.

Getting To The Changes

To get to the heart of the matter, here’s what is easily discernable from the spy photos:

  • A new exhaust system with three pipes merging into twin stacked silencers on the right side of the bike.  The previous Rocket had a two and one exhaust with a single long straight pipe on each side of the bike.
  • Shaft drive will be retained, but the shaft is now hidden inside a single-sided swingarm.
  • A new linked monoshock under the seat replaces the previous twin sided setup.
  • Footpeg placement has moved from mid bike to a more foot forward location.
  • A new stubby combination brake light/turn signal/license plate holder replaces the full rear fender.
  • New twin LED headlights and turn signals replace the incandescent lights found on the previous Rocket.
  • The change from a twin shock setup to a monoshock likely means the bike will have a modified if not entirely new frame.
  • The front suspension also looks to have been tweeked with a stockier, more robust look.  Rake seems to be much steeper as well.
  • Brembo branded brakes with an anti-lock brake system replace Triumph’s branded brakes.
  • A new instrument cluster and bar end mirrors complete what we can see as new items.

What Other Changes Could There Be?

What’s not so apparent are some of the underpinnings of the machine.  Rumors have the engine displacement becoming larger; from 2294cc to near 2500cc.  The engine should surely be Euro 4 compliant and may even be Euro 5 compliant since the newer standard takes effect in 2020.

Given that the bike looks fairly production ready, it may not be long before we have the chance to see and ride the new bike in the flesh.




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