In the middle of the EICMA show, when everyone else is actually showing off brand-new motorcycles, Triumph … has issued another teaser video for the Tiger 1200 adventure bike.

As one of the YouTube comments points out, more than half of this YouTube clip is simply a look at the Triumph logo. No exciting secrets revealed here, folks, just another chapter in Triumph’s seemingly interminable teaser campaign.

We do get a solid date set for the official reveal though; Triumph says the new bike is coming on December 7, and some more hype: “Bringing a transformation in weight, handling, power and capability, the new Tiger 1200 family is proof you really can have it all.

What do we know?

Despite the general keep-’em-in-the-dark policy behind these slickly-edited marketing videos, we do already know a few things about Triumph’s new flagship adventure bike. Along with repeated promises that the new machine is going to be lighter, more powerful and better-handling than Hinkley’s previous big-bore ADVs, we do know the engine is a T-plane triple, as previously featured on the Tiger 900. This engine has its first and third crankpins set 180 degrees apart, with middle crankpin 90 degrees apart from the outside crankpins. There’s a 1-3-2 firing order, which is supposed to give the bike improved tractability at low revs, which in turn means better performance in the dirt. Triumph also says the new motor gives a sophisticated feel for the street.

You can see new Triumph spokesman Ricky Carmichael talking up the new machine in this promo here.


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