In May 2019, we told you about Triumph Motorcycles dipping their toes into the electric motorcycle arena.  The British manufacturer said it would work with Williams Advanced Engineering (Williams) of Formula 1 fame and  Integral Powertrain (Integral) to produce an electric motorcycle dubbed the TE-1.  Williams is developing the electric drivetrain, while Integral is working on developing the bike’s electric motor.

Triumph TE-1

Triumph is also working with the University of Warwick in Coventry, England.  The university’s role will be to perform prototype testing and research in other areas.  Ultimately, if the bike enters production, it will truly be an all-British design.  With the team in place and working, it’s clear that Triumph is no longer dipping its toe into the electric motorcycle waters.  It is jumping in with both feet.

Triumph TE-1

We are now seeing the first concept images of what Triumph’s first electric motorcycle may look like.  They have released concept drawings showing a bike that keeps with Triumph’s more modern bike’s current look.  Overall, the design is quite similar to the company’s Street and Speed Triple lineup.

If the concept drawing design makes it to production, they will have done an excellent job of integrating the battery into the machine.  It looks like the battery belongs where it is and has not been placed as an afterthought.  Frankly, in my opinion, it’s an exciting look.

Triumph TE-1

All up, Triumph says that the project is approximately 50 percent complete.  That means there’s still a long way to go before the bike hits production.  But with the team Triumph has assembled, they have the capability and resources to bring an electric motorcycle to market.  Bring it on!



All image credit:  Triumph Motorcycles

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