Triumph Motorcycles has revealed pictures of a new prototype bike it is calling the Tiger Sport 660.  Details of the machine are quite scarce.  But according to information we received from Triumph, the new machine “is set to bring triple engine performance advantages to the middleweight adventure sports category.”

However, the pictures Triumph is providing are quite clear.  So we can make some assumptions about the new bike.  Even with the Triumph logo camo, we can make out a few details to conclude that the Tiger Sport 660 is likely based upon Triumph’s Trident 660 naked bike.

Tiger Sport 660 Similarities

Both the engine and exhaust look very similar, if not identical, to that of the Trident 660.  If it’s the same powerplant, the bike should make about 80 HP and 47 lb-ft of torque.  Both bikes also have similar-looking tubular frames.

Further, the new bike looks to share the Trident 660’s 17-inch alloy wheels and triple-disc setup with Nissin calipers and ABS.  Both also sport an inverted front fork.

Triumph has given us some clear photos of the Tiger Sport 660.

There’s no info on the suspension’s adjustability.  But if it is a direct lift, the fork will not be adjustable, and the rear shock will only offer preload adjustability.  However, Triumph did say that the Tiger Sport 660 is in the “adventure sports category.”  So perhaps Triumph will offer an upgrade in the suspension department.

That said, the Tiger Sport 660 does not appear to be higher or provide significantly more ground clearance. However, if the suspension is identical, you’ll get a suspension setup that delivers front/rear travel distances of 4.7/5.3 inches, respectively.  That would put it in more of a sport touring category.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660

A front view of the new Triumph machine.


But there are also significant differences between the two machines.  The Tiger Sport 660 offers a larger front cowling and a tallish windscreen.  The handlebars also look taller, and that could add some better riding comfort.

The fuel tank also seems larger, which would add a range advantage over the Trident 660.   The Trident offers a 3.7-gallon fuel tank.  However, since Triumph envisions the bike in an adventure sports category, Triumph may have upped its fuel ante up to four gallons or so.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660

As far as weight goes, the Tiger will likely have picked up a few pounds due to the large fairing and windscreen. If the additional plastic weighs in at about 15 pounds or so, the new machine should weigh in at around 435 pounds wet.

We’ll bring you more information as it emerges.

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