Anyone who has ever touched the sales side of aftermarket motorcycle parts in the US has heard of Tucker Rocky. They were one of the biggest distributors of parts and tires. These days that company goes by “Tucker Powersports.” Some of the tires you buy from various vendors might still show up on your doorstep with Tucker Rocky stickers on them, though.

Anyone who has ever worked on other people’s motorcycles knows Kuryakyn. They’re a super popular aftermarket parts house.

These two have combined forces under their common parent company, Motorsports Aftermarket Group (MAG). This was announced on September 7 2021, and thus continues the consolidation of the powersports aftermarket industry.

MAG has owned Kuryakyn since 2001 and Tucker Powersports (nee Rocky) since 2014. The press release notes that everything Kuryakyn, including R&D and equipment, currently based in Wisconsin, will move to the Tucker headquarters in Fort Worth, TX. The two companies expect the transition to be complete by the end of this calendar year.

What Does It All Mean?

What effect will the consolidation have on parts or their availability? That’s to be determined. With Tucker’s existing distribution network, Kuryakyn’s parts will have an easier time wending their way around. Also, perhaps a branding refresh with the Tucker Powersports name will help Kuryakyn in the marketing department.

A lot of riders’ experiences with the latter brand involves cheap LEDs and plastic chrome. Those inexpensive aftermarket motorcycle decorations have their place in the world, to be sure. A Tucker Powersports part will not carry any preconceived notions about Kuryakyn quality, for good or ill.

More Market Share?

Tucker Powersports will probably now push harder beyond the cruiser and touring market. According to the press release, newer products include “a range of audio speakers for on- and off-road use” (off-road speakers? Please, no), “LED lighting and motorcycle luggage.

I’ve sure used my share of Kuryakyn parts and have torn same, at EOL, off motorcycles. What are your thoughts around Tucker and Kuryakyn?

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