Got a Honda Grom, but want an adventure bike? Good news. Thanks to the customization wizards at K-Speed, you can turn your 125 cc mini-hooligan bike into an ADV machine!

Most riders are somewhat familiar with the Honda Grom, as it’s been on the market since 2014. It’s powered by an air-cooled 125 cc single cylinder motor, with four-speed gearbox. It’s street-legal, but very much a minibike. And like the Honda Ruckus before it, the Grom  is designed for easy customization.

The full parts list.

That’s where K-Speed comes in. The Thai custom shop is well-known for cranking out custom parts for machines typically ignored by the North American market—bikes like the Honda Cub and CT125, or Royal Enfield’s lineup. Now, K-Speed has put together a kit for the Grom that turns the machine into an adventure bike—or at least, makes it look like one.

The kit has 22 parts; most of them are bodywork bits, easily swappable with the Grom’s stock plastics. There’s a new front fender and mini-fairing for the headlight, giving a faint nod to rally bike styling. K-Speed also includes bar-end protectors for the levers, a new LED taillight, and a wider handlebar on milled risers. There’s a new retro-looking seat, and a new exhaust system with a stubby muffler.

Not much room to hide behind that fairing!

At its core, the bike is the same, though. Even with new knobbies, this is still a fun machine for goofing off in abandoned mall parking lots.

So what does it cost? It seems difficult to find the kit on K-Speed’s English-language website, but if you do some Internet digging, you can find it here priced around $935 US. Shipping from Thailand will possibly add considerable expense, of course.

Photos: K-Speed

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