Bottpower is back at it. The Spanish motortsport engineering company has a new body kit on the market, one that gives the Yamaha MT-09 an edgy new look. Bottpower (the name stands for Battle Of The Twins) calls its new bike kit the XR9 Carbona. It designed the machine in conjunction with Yamaha Europe, as part of the company’s Yardbuilt custom motorcycle program. According to Bottpower, the bike is directly descended from the company’s race program:

The XR9 has been conceived based on the experience gathered at the iconic Pikes Peak race back in 2017 when Bottpower won in two categories and finished fourth overall. The idea behind the XR9 is the same, to create a type of motorcycle with a high level of performance riding on open roads.

A “high level of performance,” eh? It’s probably just a coincidence that it’s got that neo-retro, street tracker look that all the Euro manufacturers are going for these days …

Bottpower XR9 Carbona. Photo: Bottpower

Since Yamaha’s Tracer 900 and XSR900 are based on the same chassis, the same kit will also fit onto them, if you’re willing to do a little extra work (see the company’s FAQs here).

The basic kit consists of a front number plate (which includes LED running lights), a fuel-tank cover, a seat, and radiator cover. The seat and fuel tank covers are made of carbon-fiber, and the seat’s tail section has dual-purpose brake/signal lights. The bike’s headlights are built into the radiator cover assembly.

Street-legal lighting, tucked away into the bodywork. Photo: Bottpower

It’s a radical makeover, but Bottpower says it should only take four hours for a mechanically-competent rider to install it themselves, eight hours for a dummy. Or, if you’re just not confident in your own skills, you can take it to a Bottpower-approved installer.

The kit isn’t cheap. Base-level cost is 4,975 euros; adding custom paint or other upgrades can drive that price up much further. For more details, visit the Bottpower website, and check out the FAQs.

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