If you want to try out Harley-Davidson’s Pan America adventure bike outside the traditional demo ride environment, Twisted Road says it’s just had one added to its rental program. It’s your big chance to ride the bike without a chaperone … as long as you can get to Huntington Beach, California. That’s where the Pan America rental is.

Twisted Road doesn’t actually rent motorcycles in the traditional sense, with a centralized location and a fleet of corporate-owned bikes. Instead, it connects customers with individual private owners who wish to rent out their personally-owned motorcycles.

Obviously, this has a downside. The decentralized model means Twisted Road can connect you with a private owner in California who wishes to rent a bike, but if they don’t have any participating renters in Denver, you’re out of luck if you need that Rocky Mountain high.

Twisted Road is picking up business across the US, though, so even if you can’t get a Pan America next time you’re visiting your folks in Cleveland or Boise or Pensacola, you should be able to find something else. The company’s press release points out some of the other bikes available through the rental program, including “vintage bikes as old as 1947 as well as new innovative models such as Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle, the LiveWire.” At this point, Twisted Road is listing 3,000 motorcycle rentals across the US.

If you’re interested, you can find other details on the program at the Twisted Road website, including information on insurance and other important details.

The way of the future?

In the weirdo decentralized future we’re now living in, where companies like Lyft, AirBnB, and Hipcamp make millions without actually owning anything, it seems these crowdsourced rentals are here to stay. Note that EagleRider, long the 800-pound gorilla of the motorcycle rental world, also recently launched a program similar to Twisted Road, with customers able to rent privately-owned motorcycles. These services haven’t been around long enough for us to get a really good idea of how well they work, but it shall be most interesting to chart their progress.


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