We are in the information age and finding what you need is now easier than ever, options for directions and GPS type assistance are so numerous how do you choose one over another?

Have you heard of these two?

GaiaGPS has been around since 2009 and perfected the app experience that crosses over to all your devices.

With options to add over 250 different map types all to your phone and then save tracks and routes to follow or send a GPX file to a dedicated GPS unit or print out a paper map or save dedicated offline maps, it’s all in the app.

I found it worked exceptionally well with the new Garmin ZumoXT.

Not all the features are in the free version, most are in the professional version which is obviously a paid product. I contacted them and got an affiliate discount code for 20% off if anyone is interested to try the app for themselves. All you need to do is click this LINK.

There are numerous videos online, mostly on YouTube about the functionality and help of every sort. Also, short videos specifically from Gaia GPS themselves like this one.




When you’ve finished your ride be it a day, week, month, or more how do you show people besides some lame Google maps link which you add the disclaimer, ‘it was sorta like this’.

And what if people ask where you took a photo can you tell them exactly, maybe, maybe not.

…but what if you could show all of that in a visual format and be able to share it as well?

There is an app called Relive its been around for a few years, mostly used by hikers and cyclists it seems but why not ADVriders?

How it works is, you turn it on, and as the GPS on your phone is always working it tracks you.

When you stop to take a phone photo it registers that point, along the way it is also tracking your elevation profile too.

Once you finish your ride it makes you a short video of the route and the photos along the way. Basically a concise video ride report of the day.

To give you a visual here’s my buddy ‘GypsyJay’ on one of his days riding on the Shadow of the Rockies in New Mexico







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