It looks like the folks at Cardo have been hard at work in the last few years developing and testing some all-new helmet-based communication systems.

The company has released a video full of information. The first half is a bunch of marketing about Cardo which, if you don’t know anything about the company, might be worth watching. It sure puts some names and faces to the product. If, however, you want to get down to the bones of what’s up here, skip to 7:44 in the video.

Cardo’s New Spirit

Cardo bills the Spirit line of communicators as their entry-level product. Here’s the “TL;DR” of the  video. (You should, at least, watch the short “advertisement” at 7:44, where they toy with the whole waterproof theme. It’s moderately hilarious.) The two new comms, Spirit and Spirit HD are fully waterproof, run on Bluetooth 5.2, support wireless software updates, fast-charge through USB-C, and can connect (only) two riders over a distance of 400m (Spirit) or  600m (Spirit HD). They also feature automatic volume adjustment, so when your ambient (wind) noise increases, so too does their volume. Spirit comes with 32mm speakers, gets 10 hours of talk time on a full charge, and retails for $99. Spirit HD has 40mm speakers, 3 sound profiles, 13 hours of talk time and retails for $149. As well, HD features an FM radio receiver and a higher-quality “wideband” intercom.

Freecom X

The new Cardo Freecom 2X system pairs two riders together; the 4X, predictably, up to four. The company touts “live intercom” and an auto-reconnect feature in these new units. Those of us who have done the button-pressing reconnect dance after becoming disconnected from our riding buddies’ intercoms know the value of that functionality. The Freedom X ships with built in audio processors, audio profile presets and JBL speakers. Cardo is really leaning into their “enhanced tone and clarity” here. When people complain about their comm systems, it’s the speakers, and audio quality in general, that collects the grievances. What good is a helmet speaker and communication system if you can’t hear speech above 60mph, or can’t make out what song is playing in your helmet? Hopefully this new system addresses some long-standing issues, not just with Cardo, but with all helmet-mounted speaker systems.

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