UBCO 2×2 electric utility scooter

The UBCO 2×2 is an all-electric, street-legal, off-road capable utility scooter with a 75-mile range and a removable battery. And it’s endlessly customizable.

The bike was designed and first sold in New Zealand in 2014 and has only been on sale in the US for a year. They’re at AIMExpo in Las Vegas to get the word out about a unique product. (Please forgive my blurry images from the convention floor.)

Lots of accessories to customize the UBCO 2×2

Unique? This thing is so serious about its off-road capabilities that it’s used by the park service in New Zealand and the US National Park Service on Catalina Island, off the coast of Southern California.

It has two-wheel drive, with electric motors in each hub. The 12V lithium-ion battery is removable — it only weighs 37 lbs (17 kgs) and you can take it indoors overnight and plug it in (takes six hours for a full charge.) Top speed is governed at 30 mph (50 kph.)

Being all-electric it’s a natural for a Bluetooth-transmitted app that controls some bike functions (including riding modes. Yes, riding modes on a scooter.)

App screen for the UBCO 2×2 electric utility scooter — image courtesy of UBCO

That 75-mile range is on a flat road with constant throttle. Nobody rides with the throttle always on, and as soon as you ease off the power the bike starts regenerating electricity, so you could conceivably go further. On the other hand, lots of hills and other off-road challenges would cut the range down.

12V outlet, USB port and power socket.

In the next generation the software will include geo-limiting. Basically, it’ll be an electric fence that limits where the bike can be ridden before it shuts off.

Work or play on the UBCO 2×2 — images courtesy of UBCO

The machine has 17 lugs with attachment points and a huge range of accessories, including front and rear platforms. It weighs 144 lbs (65 kgs) and can be carried on the rear of a vehicle.

The 2018 UBCO 2×2 retails for $6,999. That’s not cheap. But I have to say, looking at it in person, it’s a seriously cool little utility machine.

Light enough to put on a rack — image courtesy of UBCO

UPDATE: Some additional photos…

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