You’ve seen many different brands of electric motorcycles on  We’ve covered bikes from Bombardier, CSC, Curtis, Emflux, Energica, Fuell, Harley-Davidson, Lightning, Sur-Ron, Zero, and others.  We’ve also told you about some of the other “big” companies ramping up their development on electric motorcycles.  Now UBCO is brining its 2X2 electric motorcycle to market.

UBCO 2X2 Utility use

But there is one thing is that common among all these companies.  Their bikes’ main purpose is for recreation.  But can electric motorcycles perform both recreational and utility work as well?  UBCO thinks they can and they’ve come up with a 2 wheel drive electric bike not only for recreation but to do work.


UBCO’s handout provides some of the 2X2’s particulars. Image credit: UBCO

Little 2X2 dual-sport

You might say that the UBCO 2X2 is an ultralight dual-sport, 2-wheel drive street-legal electric motorcycle.  Depending on the state you live in, it is classified as a motor-driven cycle or moped.  If your state considers it the latter, no motorcycle endorsement is necessary.


The UBCO 2X2 is quite small.  It is only 42″ high with a seat height of 31.5″.  All up, it tips the scales at a measly 142 pounds.  Its 2.4 kWh battery provides a claimed range of up to 75 miles.


The UBCO can be used as a dual-sport machine and let you tread lightly. Photo credit: UBCO

If “up to” a 75-mile range gives you range anxiety, the good news is that you can pack an extra battery on the bike to swap and carry on an additional 75 miles.  Maximum speed is a claimed 30 MPH, but in a role as a work/utility machine, top speed is likely not high on the list of importance.

Doing work

In keeping with its utility, the bike has a built-in connector that allows you to plug in and use your power tools and devices.  That’s a nice touch for those who plan to put the bike into service for tasks around a farm, woods, etc. and need their tools to do the job.  In addition, there are even dual USB  charging ports for your electronic devices.

Of course, when you use the bike’s battery to power tools, you are taking some range away.  UBCO says that charging time from zero to 90% is about 6 hours.  A full charge can take up to 8 hours.


The UBCO 2X2 charger and battery. The battery is interchangeable and small enough to allow you to carry an extra.
Photo credit: UBCO

The bike has an aluminum alloy frame.  Front and rear carriers are standard.  UBCO thinks that you’ll likely want to carry things with you when you travel on the 2X2.  In that regard, they have mounted modular accessory lugs that allows you to attach many different accessories like racks and side mounts with a simple M8 bolt.


The front fork uses 37.5 mm front steel stanchions.  They provide 130 mm (5.3″) of travel using a coil spring and a hydraulic damper.  The rear suspension provides 120 mm (4.7″) of travel using a coil spring shock adjustable for preload and rebound.


The UBCO 2×2’s motive power is provided by two separate 1kw brushless DC motors on an air-cooled hub.  In addition, there is an integrated radiator for enhanced heat dissipation.

Brakes and wheels

Tektro Dorado front and rear calipers hydraulically clamp on 203 mm rotors at both ends of the bike.  Both front and rear wheels are spoked and on 17″ aluminum DOT certified rims.

Street legal

As you might imagine, all lighting is LED and includes a headlight, taillight, plate light, turn signals, and brake light.


The UBCO 2X2 lists for $6,999.  That’s not an insignificant amount of money.  But if you want to get into tight confines and tread lightly, the UBCO 2X2 is one potential solution.


Feature photo credit: Mike Botan

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