A British man has been sentenced to prison for 10 years for killing one of the thieves who stole his motorcycle.

In the high-profile case, Mihai Dinisoae was originally up on murder charges, but those were knocked down to manslaughter. Still, a decade in the clink is no small punishment; it seems the conviction of a theoretically lesser crime still carries a hefty sentence.

Dinisoae was arrested after the incident in May, 2020, which started with a pair of thieves taking off with his Honda CBR from the street in front of his home in the town of Fenham. After realizing the bike was stolen (presumably due to an alarm), Dinisoae chased the thieves around town in his car, and did not alert police to the theft. According to reports from the UK, police had CCTV coverage of Dinisoae speeding around town as he pursued the thieves (the horror!), as well as driving the wrong way through roundabouts, and generally driving in a manner that would befit Mad Max. He caught up with the thieves and rammed the bike more than once, eventually knocking the rider and pillion off. Pillion rider Joshua Molloy struck a lamppost after flying off the bike, and died.

The Brit police, never a fan of private citizens taking care of their own law enforcement needs, hit Dinisoae hard. Along with the initial murder charge, the Romanian national also faced dangerous driving charges. He pled guilty to those charges, and now faces a four-year driving ban after his release from prison.

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