It seems that the powered two-wheeler market is making a remarkable recovery.  Considering COVID’s huge worldwide impact, 2020’s sales numbers seem to have nearly regained all the previous losses.

In the United Kingdom, powered two-wheeler sales have made a remarkable recovery.    Lockdowns and manufacturer shutdowns had cast a gloomy shadow over powered two-wheeler sales.  At one point, year to date sales figures were down by as much as 30%.  While those numbers are terrible, they are better than the 40% drop that the UK’s automotive industry experienced.

But from June 2020 onward, things began to pick up for the UK’s powered two-wheeler sales.  Capping off the year, the UK’s December motorcycle sales leaped by nearly 55% year over year.  Even better, scooter sales exploded by nearly 94% year over year.

Some of the growth may be attributed to the manufacturers who were looking to clear out inventory of stock that did not meet Euro 5 regulations.  Ultimately, all categories of motorcycles other than Sport/Tour managed significant gains.

With December’s sales spike, some manufacturers made big gains over the perennial sales leaders.  Honda, which often leads the UK’s sales charts, slid to third place in overall sales.  Jumping up into first was Lexmoto, powered by the increase of scooter sales.

Suzuki also made significant headway.  It leaped from the bottom end of the UK’s top ten sellers, moving all the way up to second place.  Much of its gain was made on the back of DL 650 V-Strom sales.

As often is the case in the UK, BMW’s R 1250 GS led the way in Adventure Sport sales.  Following reasonably close was Suzuki’s DL 650 V-Strom.

All in all, the UK experienced a pretty good year for powered two-wheeler sales.  Whether the increasing sales will continue throughout 2021 remains to be seen.

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