Adventure travels can be as cheap or as expensive as you make them to be. Some people spend $10-15,000 a year while on the road, whereas others feel they need twice or three times as much. But while everyone has different budgets and different expectations, most of us would still like to save a few bucks here and there – especially on unexpected, avoidable expenses. Here are some of the most occurring travel expenses that you can avoid:

Border Fixers

Especially popular in Central America, border fixers are simply local people who offer to help you process paperwork faster – for a fee. Usually, they offer to stand in line for you, help translate, or make copies of necessary documents. If you’re riding abroad for the first time, border crossings may feel intimidating, and using a fixer may seem like a great idea…except that you do not need them. As long as your paperwork is in order and as long as you’re prepared to queue and wait patiently, you don’t need any fixers to help you, especially as they may sometimes scam you asking for non-existing fees and charge you as much as they feel like.

High Hotel Prices

If you’re planning to stay in hotels or Airbnbs as you travel, always try to book in advance and plan ahead a little. yes, it’s certainly possible to find hotels on the go, but as a general rule, it’ll typically be more expensive than if you’d booked in advance. Besides, if you roll up to a town after dark, and you’re tired, hungry, and filthy, the last thing you’ll want to do is ride around to find the cheapest accommodation possible – more likely than not, you’ll check in to the first hotel you find, often parting with much more money than you need to.

High Import Taxes for Motorcycle Parts

In many parts of the world, German or Japanese motorcycles are so heavily taxed the cost of repairs is higher than back home. If you know your motorcycle well, carry a few essential spare parts that you know are likely to fail. Ordering a new set of clutch plates might not be a big deal in your country, but in Ecuador or Bolivia, it can get real expensive real quick.


What are some of the other unnecessary travel expenses you can avoid? Share in the comments below!

Featuredimage: Pixabay


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