Yamaha is bringing its MT-03 middleweight bike to the US in 2020.  The MT-03 is already available in Europe.  But once on US shores, Yamaha is releasing it as a naked segment, entry-level model.  According to Yamaha, the MT-03 has a radical and aggressive look.

MT-03 Engine

Its 321 cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine is equipped with twin balancer shafts.  The shafts combine to deliver a smoother riding experience.  Internally, the engine has “carburized” connecting rods and forged pistons.  Aluminum DiASil cylinders provide better-claimed heat dissipation and reduced power loss.

Yamaha MT-03

The 2020 MT-03 uses the same twin-cylinder engine found in the YZF-R3.

Frame and suspension

The engine is cradled by a tubular diamond-type steel frame.   It is a stressed member and Yamaha says it contributes to better handling and feel.  Fitted to the frame are 37 mm upside-down forks and Yamaha’s “street-tuned” suspension.  At the rear, Yamaha has fitted its long swingarm concept.

Yamaha MT-03

The 2020 MT-03 comes equipped with 37mm USD forks similar to the YZF-R3.

The 22.6-inch long asymmetrical swingarm pivots close to the MT-03’s midway point.  Yamaha says that this contributes to a high level of controllability during braking, cornering, and acceleration.  Working with the swingarm is a seven-step preload-adjustable Monocross rear shock.

Terminator looks

The front fascia of the bike is all-new for 2020.   It features aggressive-looking dual angled “position lights”.  It gives the bike a bit of that “Terminator” look.  Below and to the center of them, a small LED headlight lurks beneath the front cowl assembly.  Together, it’s a very futuristic look.  Minimalistic LED turn signals complement the look.

Yamaha MT-03

A “Terminator” like front end features two “position lights” and a single LED headlight.

In the cockpit, a “negative LCD” instrument panel provides its data displayed in white on a black background.  A one-piece tubular handlebar connects you to the machine.  “Ice Fluo” and “Midnight Black” paint schemes are available.

Yamaha MT-03

A negative LCD instrument cluster and single-piece tubular handlebar provide info and control.

The MT-03 has a retail price of $4,599 and should be available in Yamaha dealerships beginning in February 2020.

Yamaha MT-03

A side view of the MT-03 in its Midnight Black paint scheme.



All photo credit: Yamaha (European models shown)

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