Back in April, we told you about hard enduro Tim Coleman, and the GoFundMe set up to assist him and his family during his hospital stay. Well, there’s good news—weeks after landing in intensive care, he’s finally back home.

Coleman is well-known in the Aussie hard enduro scene, and global audiences might recognize his name from the Cross Training Enduro YouTube channel, or maybe through Traction eRag. He’s into the technical trail riding techniques those guys espouse, combining trials-style bike control. While he’s not a global star on the same level as Graham Jarvis or Johnny Walker, he was definitely making a name for himself before a nasty medical incident this winter.

Back in March, Coleman had a life-threatening medical episode while competing in Australia’s Tenterfield Terror hard enduro event. Doctors suspect it was severe heatstroke; whatever the issue, Coleman ended up being airlifted to Gold Coast University hospital, where he spent weeks in ICU recovering. In April, friends and family set up a GoFundMe to help with his bills, which we shared with you.

Now, he’s back home, and his wife Ina shared this message with GoFundMe contributors:

Tim and I just wanted to extend our thanks again to each and every person who has donated, it’s been quite incredible! Tim and I are now back home in Victoria and it’s so nice to be back. Tim has started his physio treatment here and has been chipping away at building back his strength. Lungs are improving gradually and liver function is just about back to normal. On the up and up!
Thank you all

Hopefully Coleman’s recovery continues and he can return to life as normal soon.

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