Time marches on, and even the classic are being updated. Or at least, the Modern Classics are. Triumph continues to overhaul its retro line, with the Speed Twin overhauled for 2021.

The Speed Twin is Triumph’s performance-oriented retro bike, and that theme continues forward. Triumph jammed high-compression pistons into the engine, overhauled the valvetrain, updated the stainless steel exhaust (with carefully-hidden catalysts), and generally tweaked things on the High Power version of the liquid-cooled Bonneville parallel twin. This not only reduced emissions, but boost output to 99 horsepower at 7,250 rpm. Along with that three-pony gain over 2020’s numbers, we also see max torque  (83 pound-feet) arriving at 4,250 rpm, a 700 rpm drop from last year’s machine.

This all works out to an engine that makes more power across a wider rpm range. It’s also more internally efficient, although we don’t know if that means reduced mpg or not.

Service intervals are 10,000 miles, or 16,000 kilometres, on the updated engine.

The engine’s electronics were updated for this season (Rain, Road, Sport riding modes as standard, with switchable/adjustable traction control tied to these modes, as well as throttle response).

The suspension sees the old forks swapped out for Marzocchi USD units, which are non-adjustable, sadly. The rear shocks are only preload-adjustable. While this is Triumph’s sporty retro, it doesn’t take things too far.

The aluminum 17-inch wheels are new as well, with an updated, lighter 12-spoke design. This should benefit handling, as well as the updated Brembo brakes up front (M50 monobloc calipers, radially-mounted, with ABS as standard).

Triumph will sell the new machine in red, black or grey paint, with pricing starting at $12,500 in the US, $13,900 in Canada. Both Canada and the US will receive the new machines in August of 2021, as 2022 models.

Photo: Triumph

Photo: Triumph


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