Ducati unveiled two new editions of their iconic Scrambler today. The second in a series of releases from their “Land of Joy” theme details these updates.

Scrambler 1100 Tribute PRO

The 2022 Scrambler 1100 Tribute PRO pays homage to the air-cooled Ducati L-twin of the 1970s, with clean lines, bright yellow paint (“Giallo Ocra”) and a retro badge. Its black spoked wheels, round mirrors and brown seat with “dedicated stitching” complete the look. The Scrambler is the only current production bike in Ducati’s lineup to use that same air-cooled L-twin engine design, which is now officially 50 years old.

This new Scrambler evokes the Ducati of 1971, but under that gorgeous paint it’s all modern (and business). Its 1079cc L-twin delivers 86hp and 66.5 ft/lb of torque. Ducati has outfitted it with three ride modes to control the power to the rear wheel, as well as Ducati Traction Control. Its LED lighting isn’t very retro but you’d be hard-pressed to find a rider who would prefer the 2-candlepower headlights of old.

Scrambler Urban Motard

Ducati aimed their new-for-2022 Scrambler Urban Motard squarely at a younger, city-dwelling crowd. The focus on light weight and agility (“style, sportiness, and fun”) gives away the plot. Ducati is zeroing in on the new rider market with this one, and why not? Since their introduction, the Scramblers have been very new-rider friendly.

If you are one who “lives the city with energy and enthusiasm” (am I missing something as translated from the original Italian, or are they laying it on really thick?) you might just love the Urban Motard in either the Star White Silk or Ducati GP ‘19 Red.

Ducati Urban Motard: Photo Courtesy Ducati

An 803cc L-twin powers the Urban Motard’s black spoked 17” wheels with 73hp and 48.5 ft/lb of torque. LED lighting all around accents its “metropolitan graffiti” vibe.

Ducati equipped Both Scramblers with cornering ABS. Both are also “designed for” the Ducati Multimedia System (DMS) to connect your phone to your bike (if you’re wondering, that means it’s an optional add-on), but definitely have a USB port under the seat so you can charge your phone.

Both bikes are coming to the US and Canada, and pricing isn’t out of line with the rest of the Scrambler models, The 1100 Tribute PRO comes in at $13,995 USD ($16,495 CAD) and the Urban Motard at $11,695 USD ($13,295 CAD). 

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