Yamaha is known for quality engineering. Their scooters are no exception. For 2022, the company has updated their line of scooters with better colors and a bit more tech.

Unfortunately, only the XMax is available in North America. Europe sees the XMAX and TMAX in the new Tech MAX package, and the very cool three-wheeled TriCity gets its own updates as well.

All of these scooters play directly to the idea of  “urban mobility”; that is, small engines, light weight, easy to ride and easy to park. This means they’re much more popular outside of the US than in it. That’s a shame, since scooters are so much more fun to ride than they have any right to be.

They are also a pretty perfect entrée into the sport, since their CVT transmissions mean no worrying about shifting. The new-in-2019 TriCity, specifically, is great for new riders and old riders alike. Some of us are closer to the age when our knees may stop working, than we are to that “young urban rider” so many motorcycle companies heavily market. Just like the Piaggio MP3, the TriCity has two front wheels and stands upright at low speeds and stops. The rider never has to put a foot down.

But scooters just can’t shake their extremely uncool image in the US. Motorcycles are cool, and scooters are not. It’s past time for that to change, but how?

Yamaha is making scooters that look very cool, and that’s a great first step. The company splits them into “Sport Scooters” like the (560cc) TMAX, and the 300cc and 125cc XMAX. The 300cc TriCity falls into the other “urban mobility” segment instead, and if you’ve ever done a lot of city riding you’ll immediately understand that classification.

For 2022 the scooters’ changes are purely cosmetic, but we all know aesthetics alone have sold many motorcycles. The TMAX Tech MAX has keyless ignition, an electric windshield, traction control, heated grips, cruise control, adjustable (rear) suspension, and it looks less… tubby this year. That Tech MAX also means a TFT screen and smartphone connectivity.

The XMAX gets the Tech MAX treatment too, as you can see in the video above. For 2022, you can get that scooter in blue or sand, along with the existing grey.

The TriCity front fairing echoes its big brother, the Niken, in its swooping shoulder lines. Keyless entry and traction control come standard on the 300cc machine, but an LCD screen holds it back from being impressively techie.

Of course, being scooters, they all have the best option of all: built-in storage that you don’t have to buy.

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