According to Austria’s Motorrad Magazin, a revised KTM RC 390 has been spotted on the streets of Austria.  The magazine has a host of pictures that you can see by clicking the link above.

RC 390 summary of changes

In summary, the magazine says that the revised RC 390 has four significant changes.

  1. A slightly revised frame and a new rear subframe
  2. Improved ergonomics
  3. A completely new fairing using a design borrowed from its previous RC8 superbike
  4. A modified engine with a new cylinder head and new manifold for compliance with EU5 emission regulations

Whether they are guessing about the changes from the pictures or they have some insiders in the KTM factory, the changes are substantial.   Nonetheless, if what they say is true, the little KTM supersport bike is getting quite an update.  And, Motorrad Magazin says the revised bike will hit showroom floors by the end of 2020.

Revised aesthetics

It’s easy to see that the front of the machine is changing.  Gone are the two little headlights packed into an oblong opening.  Now the bike sports a LED headlight and body panels reminiscent of those found on KTM’s discontinued RC-8 superbike.  The bodywork is clearly much larger and hopefully will provide better protection from the elements.


The magazine says that the bike’s 373cc engine is largely unchanged.  However, the cylinder head and manifold are receiving some modest changes.  There’s also a new exhaust canister.  New emission and noise regulations are the driving force behind the changes.  Nonetheless, the bike’s stock 44 hp and 35 Nm (25.8 ft-lb) are apparently the same.

Whatever the changes, if Motorrad Magazine is correct, it won’t be long before KTM formally unveils the revised machine.

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