Moto Guzzi’s updated its V85 TT Adventure models for 2021, and they’re arriving in US dealerships this month (Canadian customers, sorry, you’ll have to wait until May).

The V85 TT is Moto Guzzi’s throwback to the classic days of big-bore Dakar bikes (no cigarette advertisements plastered on the side, though!). It’s not really designed for hardcore offroad thrashing, but it does come with proper bits like wire wheels and a skid plate. In North America, hard luggage also comes standard for both the Travel and Adventure versions of the bike.

What’s new for 2021? The engine is overhauled to be Euro5-compliant. That’s no mean feat, considering this is an air/oil-cooled V-twin, but Guzzi has kept the spirit of the bike alive.

Moto Guzzi’s changes don’t just reduce emissions; the overhauled engine also has more torque at low- and mid-range rpm, thanks to an updated timing system (“optimized lift of the pushrod and rockers timing cams,” says the press release”) and changes to the ECU. While the engineers were playing around with the bike’s electro-trickery systems, they also added new Sport and Custom riding modes. The V85TT already had Street, Rain and Off-road riding modes, which manage the traction control, ABS and ride-by-throttle response. The V85 TT Adventure and V85 TT Travel also come with cruise control as standard, and a TFT screen. Riders can connect their helmet comms and mobile devices to the bike via Moto Guzzi’s optional MIA infotainment system, which you control through the TFT.

For 2021, Moto Guzzi also put new rims on the V85, allowing the bike to run tubeless tires. The new rims also reduce the bike’s unsprung mass, making for better handling.

This year, the V85 TT comes in two new paint jobs (Giallo Mojave and Rosso Uluru). As before, the V85 TT Travel comes with touring windshield, high-capacity panniers, LED running lights and heated grips. The MIA multimedia platform comes standard on the Travel as well.

In the US, the V85 TT Adventure will sell for $12,990; the V85 TT Travel is $13,390. In Canada, the Adventure is $15,190, and the Travel is $15,390.

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