Do you think you are ready for something quite different than your normal run of the mill motorcycle choices?  Then Nebmo Motociclette may have what you are looking for.  Nembo is Italian for a thunder cloud and this bike will be quite electrifying for some.

Nembo recently announced that after years of testing, its radical Nembo 32 is ready for production.  OK, so what’s so radical about the Nembo 32 you may ask?  The answer is a lot.

The Nembo 32 gets its name from its engine configuration.  The number 32 represents its 3 cylinder engine with 2 liters of displacement.  This combination reportedly gets you about 200 claimed horsepower with 159 lb/ft of torque in a 350-pound dry weight package.  Well, that’s a pretty interesting combination in itself, but really doesn’t seem all that radical.

So what makes the Nembo 32 more radical?  Once again its the bike’s engine.  The Nembo 32 mounts its engine upside down with the cylinders at the bottom of the bike.  Nembo claims that this configuration allows them to exploit the engine block as part of the chassis without involving the cylinder block.  Nembo claims that this configuration centralizes mass as much as possible around its center of gravity.  They believe the center of gravity is not as important as condensing the mass in the smallest possible area.  Interesting.


If Nembo has piqued your interest, you will have to wait to get your own bike.  While Nembo says the Nembo 32 is ready for production, they do not presently have the funds to start up the line.  As such, they have created an Indiegogo campaign to help them raise starting capital.

Ultimately, if their campaign is successful, Nembo says that the retail price of the Nembo 32 will be approximately $68,000.  So if you have the interest and the cash, you can probably be the only person on your block to own an upside down engined 200 HP motorcycle.

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