With the global coronavirus pandemic resulting in calls for social isolation, as well as reduced consumerism, some motorcycle dealerships are seeing massive drops in traffic. Many have closed their doors (temporarily, we hope). Because of that, it’s getting hard for some people to get their hands on motorcycle parts. This is especially true if they’re riding a rare bike, with a sparse dealer network.

Ural meets that description, and that’s why the company is moving ahead with a new drop-shipping program to supply motorcycle parts through the COVID-19 lockdown.

As per Ural’s press release, “We are set up to ship parts to your home directly* and we are currently offering this service with free* shipping!  It’s a fast and convenient way to get parts so you can get out and ride. It works as simple as this: you order parts from your local or (if it’s closed) any open Ural dealership and the parts are drop shipped directly to your home.”

Not every customer wants to use online shopping, of course, and that’s why Ural is clever to run this operation the way it’s laid out. Taking orders through local dealerships means they’ll still be involved with the process and get a cut of the proceeds, and means Ural won’t have to set up an all-new parts ordering centre at its HQ. And, the free shipping is a nice perk, although there are some limitations and for now, it is only available in the US market.

You can find a list of Ural dealers and service centres here, or call (425) 702-8484 x 100 or email sidecarsmakeyouhappy@ural.com for more help.

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