Ural is an interesting moto brand.  It seems the Russian made machines are quite polarizing.  People either absolutely love them, or they despise them.  And when you step back from the machine, it’s hard to have a middle of the road impression of the three-wheeler.  And now you’ll have to decide what you think about the limited edition Ural GEO.

Ural GEO

Flying the sidecar can be fun for both the rider and the passenger.

Limited edition Ural GEO

Now, Ural is introducing its latest limited edition series version of the sidecar equipped Ural, the Ural GEO.  And it is something different.  Beyond the new camo paint, the machine has been upgraded with new components and capabilities.

Ural says that the Ural GEO is:

…built out with our team’s carefully selected off-roading upgrades available in one complete package to encourage any serious dual-sport adventurers for the most challenging terrains. Not to mention the ultra unique, hand painted, extremely limited and super daring geometrical camo paint scheme.”

“Ural is about getting out there and finding a way where others see obstacles.  It takes boldness and perseverance to pursue that. That’s the idea behind this limited edition.”

shock nitron Ural GEO

The Ural GEO’s Nitron shocks are ajustable for compression, damping and preload.

The Ural GEO uses the company’s Gear Up platform.  That platform has a plethora of Ural features, including:

“…low center of gravity boxer engine, second generation EFI system, on demand 2WD, Brembo Disc brakes, upgraded adjustable Nitron suspension, optional high pipe GPR exhaust system (for off-road use only), Heidenau tires, extensive protection and luggage rack systems, lightweight low profile RotopaX fuel container, as well as MRA rider fairing, handguards, handlebar clamp RAM ball mount and dual outlet USB power charger to install and safely connect the navigation device of your choice.”


More specifically, the Ural GEO comes with Nitron shocks.  The British shocks are nitrogen gas charged and use a 40mm piston design with a 14mm piston rod.  They are adjustable and feature combined 2-way, 24 position rebound, and compression adjustment and are also preload adjustable.

luggage rack ural geo

The Ural GEO comes with a wheel mounted luggage rack.

The GEO also comes with an additional 2 into 1 GPR High Pipe Exhaust for off-road use only.  Your local dealer will install it for you if you desire.

Utility is a hallmark of Ural’s design, and the Ural GEO comes with a spare wheel cargo rack.  Should the need arise to change a tire/wheel, the rack and spare tire are removable with a single tool.  Extra “piping” adds more protection and is located to protect components like lights and fenders.


The Ural GEO comes with an extra GPR exhaust for off-road use only.

For nice to haves, the bike comes with a sidecar mounted RotopaX 1.5 gallon container and two USB sockets under the left handlebar.

If you like the Ural GEO, they should be in dealer showrooms by the time you read this.  You’ll have to shell out $26,999 (CAD 34,499) to purchase your example.

So what do you think about the Ural GEO?  Let us know in the comments below.


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