The uptick in US motorcycle sales is continuing.  According to the US’s Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), third-quarter motorcycle and scooter sales are up double digits.  Year to date sales of new motorcycles and scooters in the US through September 2020 increased 10.2 percent from last year.

The MIC only makes its Retail Sales Unit Summary available to members who have signed restricted use agreements.  However, the fact that sales are up double digits is a very positive sign.

In a message to MIC members, MIC President and CEO Erik Pritchard reminded its members of all the obstacles they have overcome:

Many of us have faced tremendous challenges and genuine hardship.  Think back on all the ways you’ve adapted your business to meet this crisis and get through the pandemic.  Think back to how quickly you adapted to online commerce. Think back on your first home delivery. Recall all of your hard work.  Recall the relief when the MIC’s government relations team persuaded the federal government to declare dealership employees essential.  Our industry is enjoying the results of those efforts and you should enjoy the moment.”

Pritchard’s statement is right on point.  No-one anticipated that COVID would rear its ugly head and have such an impact on world commerce.  Manufacturers, dealers, and retailers had to adjust to the virus’s impact quickly, and they did it well.

The fact that sales are up significantly and that there are even products to sell is a testament to the hard work of all involved.  If the industry did not react quickly, even with increased demand, we all might be stuck wishing that we could buy products.

So congrats to the industry for adapting to COVID and continuing to safely produce products that many of us want.



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