Half or “shorty” helmets are not known for their outstanding ability to protect their wearers.  DOT certification requirements are not nearly as stringent as ECE and Snell standards.


In fact, manufacturers of DOT-certified helmets do not have to submit their helmets for testing to an outside agency.  DOT certified helmets do not have to be submitted for external testing.  The DOT certification is provided by the manufacturer on an honor system basis.  Manufacturers of DOT-certified helmets may self certify that the helmet meets or exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 (FMVSS 218).

Because the testing requirements for a DOT helmet are less stringent and comprehensive than other standards such as ECE or Snell, it’s unusual for a manufacturer to recall a DOT certified helmet.

NHTSA Recall Report 19E-073

But that is the case with H&H Sports Protection’s VCAN 531 helmet.  According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), Safety Recall Report 19E-073, the helmet retention system (helmet strap) may fail to protect the rider and could be unsafe to wear for any kind of protection.

The problem arises from the sewing procedures used during the production of the helmet.  The retention system has only three sewing passes securing it to the helmet.  The helmets should have five passes.  The lower amount of passes may cause the retention system to fail.

The recall affects VCAN V531 in sizes XS, S, M, L, XXL with the following manufacturing dates; September, October, and November 2017.  All other VCAN V531 products have the appropriate amount of sewing passes.

Sold only through Amazon

A total of 4,218 helmets are subject to this recall.  This particular helmet was only sold through Amazon.  Amazon will contact all purchasers of the helmet and advise them to return the helmet for a full refund.

Owners may contact H&H Sports Protection at (626) 444-0107 or Amazon Customer service at (888) 280-4331 with any questions.

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