We cannot deny that nowadays there’s more and more people with dietary requirements and specific food allergies.

For some reasons, back in the days when I was still a kid, I don’t remember a lot of people being Vegan, Paleo, or having nuts or milk intolerance. Maybe It wasn’t so hip to say that you didn’t like this or that, or that you belong to a specific kind of group of eaters. Or maybe it was just the scarcity of social media that was the cause of this movements to remain silent.

In any way, more and more people are switching to vegetarianism, pescetarianism, veganism, and so on, for one reason or another, and there’s no turning back.

Sometimes I feel like it was all Avocado’s fault.

I didn’t know what avocado was until I was in my 20’s. Then it started to appear magically on everybody’s breakfast. Now I can’t even get a coffee without avocado in it.

In many ways, these new forms of diet pushed people being more and more aware of what they eat so, I believe we are somehow moving to the right direction.

But what about travelling and being Vegan for instance? or Vegetarian? or Lactose intolerant? Would this food restriction affect my possibilities of travelling? What if they don’t have pineapples in Uzbekistan? What am I going to eat for breakfast?!?!

Well, believe it or not, it is possible to find substitutes or vegan options in pretty much any country you go through.

Most of the hostels I’ve been had a vegetarian option for instance. And even If you are Vegan and you still feel discriminated, you just have to leave those eggs aside and you’ll be fine.

I consider myself omnivore, but I do sympathize for vegans, being not a big fan of meat in general and not a egg eater per se. So please don’t feel that I’m somehow pointing the finger against someone. Instead I kind of support this new group, but not because of the way they treat animals that are destined to feed us, for religious reasons, orย  because I want to loose weight. It’s simply because of my personal taste and some simple body needs.

I do enjoy bacon and eggs once in a while, but I definitely can’t have it every morning. I can, however, feed myself to plenty of fruits and veggies without feeling sick. In this sense, It is for me very easy to travel to different countries and experience local cuisine at its finest, because I literally would eat anything.

If you feel you are going to be ostracized because the world is not compliant to your nutritional tendencies, I highly recommend you to always carry with you some basic dry foods that don’t occupy too much space and that don’t rotmwith heat or coldness (and can’t be squeezed).

For instance, I always carry with me some oatmeal, which is the perfect breakfast in any circumstance. Lactose free, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, and crossfit friendly. There could be nothing more hipster than oatmeal, if you manage to put an avocado on it.

For lunch or dinner you can get these dehydrated soups and veggies that can be simply prepared by adding hot water.

If you want your fresh food, you can easily hop in any local market and find your fruits and vegetables if you feel that you need to increase your vitamins intake. Rice is also a very common worldwide complementary food. You can find it pretty much everywhere. Legumes and cereals are also another “poor people” food that you can easily obtain in any country in the world, so I can probably state at this point that It’s actually incredibly easy to find your “special food,” if you are vegan or vegetarian.

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