While COVID-19 has shuttered many motorcycle shows, it did not stop the Bangkok Motor Show.  There were some new model rollouts including Velocifero’s line of three interesting electric fat-tire bikes.  At the moment, they seem to have made their own segment.

The company recently made its Thailand debut and received praise from many including the show’s CEO and organizer, Dr. Prachin Eamlumnow.   Velocifero is an electric mobility brand founded by Alessandro Tartarini.  If you recognize that last name, it’s because his father Leopoldo founded Italjet scooter in 1959.  Not to be outdone, Alessandro designed some of the brand’s most iconic models like the Dragster and Formula.

Italjet Dragster

Alessandro Tartarini designed Italjet’s popular Dragster scooter.

The electric bikes do not follow typical electric motorcycle/bike/scooter conventions.  Each of the three bikes shown features “fat” tires.  Whether that’s a good thing or not is arguable, but nonetheless they look like fun little machines.


First up is the MAD.  It’s a foldable electric scooter with a raised seat and “oversized” 6-inch tires.  It features a curvy wooden skateboard-like deck over a steel frame.  Disc brakes and chain drive round out the package.  You can choose from motors training from 500W to 1600W with up to a top speed of 45kph (~28mph) and a range of 35 kilometers (22 miles).

MAD velocifero

The Velocifero MAD has a skateboard-like deck.


Next is the E-Classic, which looks like a traditional if not, vintage bicycle.  It still has the brand’s oversize tires and has “faux” cylinder heads to make it look like a vintage ICE powered bike.  This bicycle lookalike has a top speed of 25kph (15mph) and a claimed range of 50 miles.

E-classic velocifero

Velocifero’s most bicycle looking offering is the E-classic with a vintage bike look and “faux” cylinder heads.

Beach MAD

The last of the three bikes is the Beach MAD.  Not many details were revealed at the show, but it runs the biggest and fattest tires of the brand’s trio of electric bikes.  Looking at the overall design, there is an abundance of ground clearance which could make it fun on more challenging terrain.

Beach MAD velocifero

Velocifero’s Beach MAD has the brand’s largest tires and looks to have significant ground clearance.

For now, the bikes are only available in Malaysia and Thailand.  There’s no word on pricing.


All photo credit: Velocifero

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