I had the opportunity to try the Velomacchi 40L motorcycle backpack during one of my recent adventures. I was quite surprised by the capabilities of this special motorcycle accessory, which make it unique.

The company that produces the backpack is based in a small town of the Pacific Northwest of USA and its founder comes from an adventurous background himself, as well as being former Design Director of North Face USA.

With the help of all the adventure riders who joined his team, he created this hypertechnical, motorcycle orientated, bulletproof backpack that delivers pretty much everything that a motorcyclist could ask for.

As well as being waterproof, it offers extreme durability, comfort and design. These four qualities are immediately obvious when touching the product; the backpack is designed to withstand high winds, water and abrasion. Its every little detail seems to have been conceived with a specific purpose.

The key feature is surely the hands free locking mechanism at the front, which connects the two shoulder straps with a simple motion; the two top hinges, which sit right on top of the clavicles, provide the perfect angle to provide the best in comfort for any body type.

The system delivers mindblowing fit, since the backpack is able to adapt to all sort of situations whether it is worn or strapped on the back of your motorcycle. The back rest is rigid but padded enough to provide comfort even if you carry objects inside your pack which is not flat. There is even a flat surface which is designed to be used to attach your Gopro.

The whole backpack is made of a double layer of washable and waterproof material, which provides padding and waterproofing for your belongings. It has an internal compartment for a water bladder, in case you like to carry around some extra fluids, and all straps are completely adjustable in size.

The shoulders straps can be detached, thanks to the two hinges mentioned before, and stored behind the backrest of the pack. This is particularly practical in case you want to strap it to the bike. The backpack is also crossed by four main horizontal straps which tighten the content down and reduce the resistance to the wind.

The top has a main “watertight” magnetic entrance, plus a front waterproof ziplocked pocket right below the top entry, with dept the same size of the backpack. The top entrance is locked with two aluminum latches that slide in two side holes. These, in my opinion, not too practical, especially if you have your gloves on, but they also are not too hard to link. The external front pocket is instead locked with two elastic attachments on the side which are very easy to use, but it is not watertight.

The two key aspects of this amazing backpack are comfort and durability. Forgetting that you have a backpack you while you’re riding is just not something that happens often. It was a pleasant surprise to find that the pack would also adjust to my motorcycle jacket, allowing me to wear it on top of the jacket with no particular issues. The fitting was simply remarkable.

The company also produces also smaller 28L and a 35L versions as well as the 50L duffle/backpack, which is certainly something you could look at for longer trips. There’s plenty of choices for all requirements.

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