A few days ago, Suzuki let everyone know that on February 5th, “A Generational Shift Is Coming” in a teaser video.  The video is set in an urban environment culminating with a brief flash of a drag racing Christmas tree’s green light.  Hmm… Urban environment and drag racing.  I wonder what bike they could mean?  Yup, the Hayabusa.

Well, it appears you won’t have to wait until February 5th to find out.  A “leaked” video is now on the web, and it appears to be professionally made.  And the “generational” model that appears is the Suzuki Hayabusa.

At the outset of the video, you see a first and then a second generation Hayabusa riding along the highway.  Then suddenly, the new 3rd generation splits and passes the two.  Thereafter, you get glimpses as well as some pretty long looks at the new “Bus.”

Hayabusa suzuki

A screengrab taken from a video first shown on Max Moto.

There are some immediately noticeable changes, including a larger and wider fairing equipped with strakes.  Whether the strakes help with engine cooling, add downforce, or both is not clear.  But they do provide a different look without changing the well-known Hayabusa shape.

The bike’s dash sees changes as well.  Smaller analog dials flank two large analog dials.  But in the middle of the two large dials is an electronic display.  The videos give us glimpses of possible display functions such as lean angle sensors.  The momentary glimpses look like the sensors record and can display both lateral and vertical angles.  There is also a new Suzuki Intelligent Ride System, which is labeled SDMS-a.

You’ll get all the details on the new Hayabusa this Friday at Suzuki’s website.





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